wade through water

try to see it as a lack of faith in yourself, and a message for yourself to believe in yourself. it’s not caused by not believing in Jesus, it’s caused by yourself not believing in yourself. it’s all about yourself. bye

the past couple days i’ve seen multiple people on facebook post articles from christian websites about mental illness and how it’s a ~test~ from god and I want to throw up on everyone who’s posted that shit because how can anyone think it’s okay to relate something as serious as mental illness to a test of faith? also how do they even think it’s remotely appropriate to make those who are suffering from mental illness and are already feeling especially vulnerable feel even worse by spreading misinformation that their illness is caused by nOt BeLiEviNg iN jesUs harD EnUff??

bottoms topping for the first time

I have to wake up at 6am every weekday morning for the next 11 weeks… feel sorry for me pls

Today evangelists knocked on my door and handed me a pamphlet that said “How do we know the bible is real?” the two reasons were “Because God cares for us” and “God is the originator of the family.”


❝ To make a long fuckin’ story short, I put a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass… and it’s 24 hours later and I ain’t find none yet ❞
Carrie Underwood (via cchrles)

I Miss You
Frank Ocean